Terms and Conditions

By signing the Agreement, the Renter acknowledges that he/she has read these Conditions, and will be bound by them. The Conditions and the Agreement are inseparable. The Agreement and Conditions will not cease to be valid also after the Vehicle has been returned.

The qualification of the driver

All the drivers must be at least 21 years old and must have an experience of driving a car for at least 1 year. The driver must have valid driving license and passport. International driving license is required only in case the national driving licenses are not valid in Georgia or not given in Latin letters.

Driver's license issued in countries that have signed the Vienna Convention are valid In the Georgia.


You can rent a car online through our web-page, by phone, e-mail or by visiting our office (SUPERCARRENT Address: .... ).

Renting is held only by a certain category of cars. We can’t guarantee a specific model, but we try to consider your preference when booking.

Working days and hours of SUPERCARRENT in Georgia
Mon to Fri : 9:30 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 15:00
Sunday - Closed

The minimum term of car reservations is 24 hours. There are no maximum terms of reservations. The 24 hour term begins when the customer signs the Rental Agreement and receives the car.


The prices of car renting include: taxes, technical service, standard package of insurance. The renting price can include additional services as well.

Options of payment

SUPERCARRENT accepts all the main types of credit cards: VISA, Eurocard/Mastercard as well as cash payments.
Payments through bank transfers are possible in the presence of the Chief Manager’s approval. The payments have to be made in GEL with the official rates set by the Central Bank of Georgia on the next day after the return of the vehicle. The exchange rate may be different from the rate that was set by the bank tenant.

Acceptance and delivery of the vehicle

All the cars are given to the customers in the clean form, with full tank of petrol and have to be returned clean and with the full tank of petrol.
In case the car is returned not in the clean form, there is an additional fee of 22 GEL.
In case the tank of the returned car is not full. There is an additional fee of 3.0 GEL per liter.

Please note that this is not a fuel selling.

SUPERCARRENT has 1 office for cars acceptance and delivery:
- Head office – Address
- "Tbilisi" International airport - MEET AND GREET SERVICE

All the clients, who are renting and handing over the cars at the airport, must book the cars in advance.
The clients, who purchase or hand the cars over the airport, pay a fee for the rental point in the amount of 45 GEL.

Insurance packages

SUPERCARRENT provides two types of insurance: standard package and full package.

The standard insurance package is included in the rental price. This package includes: insurance in case of an accident, insurance for theft, insurance of the passenger, compulsory third part insurance.

With standard insurance package, there is a deposit of 800 GEL. This sum is the amount of maximum liability and presents the maximum risk of the tenant.
The deposit will be returned in case the car was returned to the company in the same condition as when it was given to the tenant.
The full insurance package includes standard insurance, but in this case sum of not covered liability is equal to zero.

In the case of full insurance package there is an additional charge of 40 GEL per day. The maximum amount of additional charge is 400 GEL per rental during the whole term of rent.
This sum is non-refundable payment.

All the types of insurance are considered valid if:
- The name of the driver is set in the contract of SUPERCARRENT,
- The driver at the time of the accident is not under the influence of alcohol and drugs,
- If there is an act of the police and the security act.

Restrictions while driving

The car can be driven on the territory of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. A special permission of the employee of SUPERCARRENT is necessary for driving the car on the territory of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Such service must be required in advance.

Validity of the Conditions

Validity of the Conditions
A) SUPERCARRENT reserves the right of changing the Conditions unilaterally and without prior notice.
B) Breach of any of the paragraphs in the Conditions will not void the Agreement and will not free SUPERCARRENT or the Renter from fulfilling their obligations according to rest of the Conditions.
C) Any dispute between SUPERCARRENT and the Renter will be settled between the parties. If a settlement cannot be reached, the dispute will be settled by the Judiciary of the Republic of Georgia and according to the legislation of the Republic of Georgia.