How to book a car?

To make a reservation you can book it online through our easy to book system. Alternatively you can contact our reservation department on +995 577 547 794, send us an email with your request or just visit our downtown location.

What documents do I need to rent a car?

Car renting requires a valid passport and driving license with a term of validity of at least one year. The driving license information must be written in Latin letters.

Can I reserve a specific (concrete) model of car?

Reservations are only for certain categories of vehicle and not on the specific model. However, we try to take into consideration your preferences.

Are there any logos or advertising signs on your cars?

No, there are no logos or advertising signs on the cars.

What is the minimum age of the driver?

The driver should be 23 years old or older, with minimum 2 years of driving experience to be able to rent SUPERCARRENT Rental car.

What are the possible forms of payment?

You can pay with credit cards (VISA, Eurocard/Mastercard), cash or bank transfer.

Do I need to provide the number of my credit card in advance or to prepay?

Yes, the credit card number must be provided in case the car is booked at the airport.

How can I change the booking that is already confirmed?

There are variety of ways how to modify the already confirmed booking. You can modify it by visiting www.supercarrent.ge/modify/ edit field and do the changes.
Otherwise you can simply change your booking by contacting our agent through e-mail or on the phone.

Will I have an unlimited mileage when renting a car from SUPERCARRENT?

Yes, You will have an unlimited mileage while renting a car from SUPERCARRENT .

What additional services do you provide?

Our additional services include: Short Term Rentals, Long Term Rentals, Corporate Rentals, Chauffeur Service, Transfer Service, Extra Services & Equipment.

How can I book additional services?

You can book additional services online through our web-page, by phone, e-mail or by visiting our office (Address).

If I have booked a car at the airport, how can I meet an employer of SUPERCARRENT ?

After the baggage claim and the exit to the Arrivals Hall, an employee of SUPERCARRENT will be waiting for You with a sign with your name.

What shall I do if the car has to be taken up at the airport and the flight was delayed?

If the flight number is set in the reservation, You will not have to tell us about the delay of your flight. Our employee will be informed beforehand and comes at the airport by the time of your arrival.

Can I drive the car outside the borders of Georgia?

Yes, You can drive the car outside the borders of Georgia. It’s necessary to warn the employees of SUPERCARRENT about that in advance and get a corresponding resolution.

What types of insurances do You offer?

Here we have good news for you. Only SUPERCARRENT offers two types of insurance.
1. Standard Insurance which covers CDW, TP, WL. In this case a customer is financially responsible for maxium 400 USD for any kind of damages.
2. Super Cover. Buying super cover a customer relieves him/her from any kind of financial responsibilities in case of accidents. The only thing he/she needs to do is to stay within the frames of the contract.

What should be done in case of an accident?

In case of an accident it's necessary to stop the car and inform the insurance company and road police about the accident, then call the employees of SUPERCARRENT.
All necessary contact information will be passed to the tenant when receiving the car. All the necessary contact information are generally provided at the moment of rental.

What should be done if the car is broken?

In case of the car damage, You will need to contact our Technical group for further instructions.

Is it possible to pick up a car at one rental point and hand it over at another point?

Yes, it's possible, but in that case there can be some charges depending on the car rental and delivery place.

In which form should the car be handed?

The car must be clean and with a full tank of petrol.

Will additional charges be incurred in case the delivery of the car is delayed?

In case the delivery of the car is delayed until 2 hours, there is an additional fee- 21 GEL per hour. In case the delivery of the car is delayed for more than 2 hours, there is an additional fee for a day.
In case the delivery of the car is delayed for more than 3 hours, there is an additional fee for a day

When will I be refunded the money, blocked on the card as a security deposit?

The period of repayment depends on the client’s bank, so we cannot determine the exact date of return. However, the repayment period of the blocked money is approximately from 10-14 banking days.

What if I have another questions?

If you have another questions, you can write to our e-mail info@supercarrent.ge, or call us on the phone +995 577 547 794